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Ken Greene has been practicing law since 1980. His stated goal, from the day he began law school, was to learn the law to protect his family and friends. After decades of practice, nothing has changed.

Ken specializes in equipment finance, litigation, contract, business law, compliance, bankruptcy and general civil matters. His experience and insight enable him to identify issues and determine the best approach to achieve the desired result. His proactive guidance helps protect clients from costly potential mistakes.

Through the use of time tested strategies, together with shrewd strategic decisions, Ken seeks to ensure the fair treatment of his clients, and diminish unnecessary costs, delay and acrimony.

Our legal system has the capacity to create tremendous anxiety – Ken’s goal is to solve his clients’ legal problems effectively and efficiently, and to relieve that anxiety by providing a clear and sensible path to resolution of whatever problem he is presented, or by achieving a successful result in any transaction in which he becomes involved.

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Ken Greene has been both shield and sword for Taycor Financial for countless years. He has been our trusted legal counsel, advocate, and friend time and time again. He has solved problems ranging from litigation to contract disputes quickly and efficiently. Ken is an incredible attorney with a passion for his practice, and we have appreciated his bedside manner of communicating clearly and responding quickly to questions and requests. We have built a strong and well maintained relationship with Ken, and look forward to working with him well into the future.
Michael Hong

President, Taycor Financial

I have known Ken Greene for over 30 years as a friend, as an attorney for both American Leasing and Leasing News, where he was involved in the formation of Leasing News and represented it (pro bono) in the early days. I have enjoyed many leasing conferences where he was a guest speaker, as well as nights in Sausalito, California, as he played piano at “No Name Bar” as well had a band, too. He is a man of many talents.

Ken continues his involvement in Leasing News as well as the representation of equipment finance companies, including lessors and brokers, in litigation, bankruptcy and transactions. He also represents small businesses and individuals in litigation, bankruptcy, transactions, contract, and corporate matters, as well as entities and individuals in the entertainment industry.

Kit Menkin

Editor/Publisher, Leasing News

Jim Lyon, CFA of UBS Financial Services Inc. would like to thank Attorney Ken Greene, whose areas of expertise includes business transactions, contracts, and entertainment law, for helping some clients with the sale of a minority interest in a service business. Ken did a truly outstanding job of negotiating the language in the definitive transaction document and ensuring that the agreement was fair and balanced–he obtained a terrific outcome for the clients. Thank you, Ken!
Jim Lyon

CFA, UBS Financial Services Inc.

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