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An Experienced Equipment Finance Insider

Over the years, equipment finance has grown from a relatively small part of commerce into a trillion-dollar industry. Almost anything you can buy today can be leased. As a member of the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA) and general counsel for the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB), I have extensive, firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. For more than 30 years, I have guided businesses and organizations through the transaction process while providing counsel on all associated business and legal issues that arise along the way. I have worked within a broad range of industries, providing legal counsel at all stages of the process.

Comprehensive Services For All Aspects Of Equipment Finance

From making sure that businesses organize in the appropriate corporate form to providing guidance and counsel on contracts and transactions, I offer comprehensive services in equipment finance. I can help you get registered in the states in which you are going to be doing business and make sure your business has the proper licenses. Services that I provide include:

  • Counsel on acquiring lending licenses
  • Counsel on acquiring business licenses
  • Preparing and/or reviewing documents
  • Preparing and/or reviewing protocols and procedures
  • Providing guidance and counsel through transactions
  • Enforcing contracts when there are defaults

If a dispute occurs, I can also represent your organization in mediation and/or litigation. In addition, I can assist in bankruptcy filings if it becomes necessary.

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